Artemis Games

Artemis Games offers a digital education platform that delivers 3D learning tools and serious educational games (SEGs) to improve understanding and knowledge related to the planetary boundaries and sustainable development goals – with a particular focus on those issues in urgent need of broad public engagement and cooperation, such as climate change and biodiversity.

The learning design behind the Artemis Games project is based on an international research project that developed and tested the world’s first environmental literacy framework. The project was started to foster hope, innovation, and action competence – and to ensure young people have the knowledge and skills needed to prepare, manage – and look forward to – their future.

Why the planet academy

Our mission

Multiple research studies have shown that information and education are important tools toward fostering pro-environmental attitudes and motivating behavioral change. The better we understand the mechanism of a problem and its relationship to the wider systems, the better-equipped we are to innovate, adapt and mitigate and to develop effective, long-term solutions to the problem.

We want to put everyone on the same page when it comes to important, global environmental issues. To provide fact-based, in-depth knowledge to everyone from everywhere. To leverage education as a means to bring humanity together towards solving present environmental crises and to future-proof against those that might arise.

Knowledge, after all, is power.


Who is behind Artemis Games?

Artemis Games is run by the Earth's People Foundation.

Through innovations in digital education, the Earth's People Foundation seeks to empower young people all over the world with the knowledge, tools and solutions needed to stabilise our climate and protect the Earth’s resources.

The Earth’s People Foundation has worked in public and private schools since 2007 to bring science education to children, students and young people everywhere. Understanding how our planet works is key to fostering innovation, securing public support and changing our world for the better.


Developed by

The educational programs are all developed by Dr Inez Harker-Schuch, co-founder and Head of Curriculum.

Dr Harker-Schuch is a specialist in teaching environmental science education in public schools and the broader public arena. Previously, she worked at the University of Copenhagen as a researcher, lecturer and course coordinator and is, since 2007, the director of the Earth’s People environmental science education foundation.

She is an experienced pedagogue with published research in learning design, curriculum planning and curation, climate literacy, and the use of digital tools for teaching environmental science and has a BSc in natural science, a double MSc (agronomy and environmental science) and a PhD in serious educational game design to improve educational and climate science literacy.

photo from Inez re Scientific Advisors (temporary)

Scientific Advisors

All of our scientific advisors are leading authorities in their respective fields and are active members of the research community. In addition to their knowledge and academic skills, they are all involved in ambitious efforts in the broader public arena, both domestically and internationally, to meet zero emission targets: aiming wellabove those outlined in The Paris Agreement. We are particularly proud of their involvement in our work and their commitment to environmental and climate literacy.

  • Associate Professor Christian Bugge-Henriksen (University of Copenhagen)
  • Dr Steven Lade (Stockholm Resilience Centre)
  • Dr Rebecca Colvin (Australian National University)
  • Professor Ole John Nielsen (University of Copenhagen)
  • Professor Franklin Mills (University of Australia)
  • Professor Katherine Richardson (Sustainability Science Centre)
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All courses and game chapters are programmed in Unity by the Swedish production company Groplay. A special thanks to Fredrik Winell for creating amazing 3D animations and beautiful, original graphic artwork – and Oscar Årling for his attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile.

Numerous schools, teachers, and students in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have tested and critiqued our courses, fieldwork, and emission-reduction activities. They have provided essential feedback to ensure our tools are engaging, user-friendly, and meet the curriculum requirements in their respective countries. Due to GDPR, we are not able to list our school supporters here – but we know who you are and none of this would be possible without you.

Serious Games Interactive were also an essential partner in early prototyping, layout, and game development.


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